Provo Punk Compilation 2016

by Doris Day.

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These are our tracks from the 2016 Provo Punk Collective Compilation. The full comp is over at


released October 28, 2016

Reed is the mixing mastering wizard.



all rights reserved


Doris Day. Provo, Utah

We already decided when we were gonna break up, so don't bother getting rly invested, but here you go anyway:
Rick--Heart throb
Ted--Ska guy
Reed--The Purest
Our name is only legally valid pending a court decision from the law suit brought by """Doris Day"""We've been around since, like, 2015, ok, Doris?
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Track Name: Nothing, No One
I can't help you, and I'm sorry
that's how it has to be.
I wish I was more than I am, for now
that's not me,
I'm only what you see.
There's not much more than meets
the eye. I promise that I'll try.
I won't let my self-deprecation be
anyone else's undoing

It shouldn't be about me,
I always write about me, that's just sad.
That I can't muster up anything more
significant than that.
There's better things to do.
I can't say that it's true:
that this is more than what it is.
A song's just a song, especially one
that offers nothing new

I don't think I'm quite done falling down on the job.
Not saying that I plan to, but it's honesty I want.

At times like these I ask myself:
What's all of this been for?
If I miss my past and my future's dim,
I'd wish I didn't shut the door.