Tour Split

by Doris Day.

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This album is a split between two bands that are best buds, and tour mates.

Doris Day.'s side was recorded at a cabin in the middle of nowhere in Utah.

Midnight Legs // Marathon Lungs side was recorded at Sonic Motion Studio in Caldwell, ID


released June 1, 2016

Doris Day. recorded their side

Midnight Legs // Marathon Lungs recorded their side, with help from Rodrigo Coronel

Mixed and Mastered by Stephen Cope at Studio Studio Dada



all rights reserved


Doris Day. Provo, Utah

We already decided when we were gonna break up, so don't bother getting rly invested, but here you go anyway:
Rick--Heart throb
Ted--Ska guy
Reed--The Purest
Our name is only legally valid pending a court decision from the law suit brought by """Doris Day"""We've been around since, like, 2015, ok, Doris?
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Track Name: Dude, Stop Yelling
Plugging leaks with my fingers,
But I can't stay here forever.
I find if I don't think of it,
It's easier to live

I said the wrong thing again,
My words can't seem to say what I meant
I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable
(I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable)

But what good am I if I,
Don't write these stupid songs?
And what good am I if I,
Don't get them to sing along?
What good am I if I,
Don't point out all that's wrong,
With America or everyone,
America or everyone, whoa

I'm easily distracted
(He said while trying to read French politics)
It seems I can't get past it
(Something always seems more important than this)
What's more, I can't see why.
(The search is the reason the why exists)
I won't accept it!

Getting frustrated at everyone else,
Because of my inabilities.
Screaming at the rope because it's
Just barely out of reach.
Having my emotions tied
To the choices of someone else
Is a fool-proof way to feel
The sting of being let down.

Per usual,
I'm talking to myself
About everyone that I don't like
And every way I didn't help
Per usual,
I'm left here with my thoughts
That always get darker the longer that
I stay alone in this box
Per usual,
I don't know how to love!
I jump the octave at the normal part
so you can tell that I'm fed up

With America or everyone
America or everyone.
Track Name: This isn't One of those Desperation Things, is it?
It snowed all day before my sister left.
The falling snow wouldn't let me look ahead
Even though that's exactly what I avoid,
Despite four or five thoughts about forethought.
I want to read minds she said.
Does that mean that she'll see right through me.
My car was hot, like cries I didn't let out,
My numb hands felt more than anywhere else.

And even though it could be worse,
I like to imagine it being so.
Disappointment is familiar territory,
I feel like other people say no.

Every day is one of those days,
I do my best to stay in bed.
Convinced that it should be done their way,
My parents tell me it's all in my head.

And even though it could be worse,
I like to imagine it being so.
Disappointment is familiar territory,
I feel like other people say no.

There's nothing wrong with being wrong,
Yeah I know that it's bad, you don't have to make it worse.
It's ok to not be ok, even though it's not that bad
I'm gonna scream anyway.
Track Name: Midnight Legs // Marathon Lungs - I Still Believe in the Good at Heart
As I stare into the sun
For just a minute too long,
I'm reminded of a happier hour -
A summer not spent alone...

Where on a shady riverfront,
We sat and softly conversed;
And left behind our ivory towers,
And quelled a subconscious thirst
We pretended to know about.

While exhaustion haunts my every thought,
And though I long for rebirth,
I have but little reason to grieve -
For I've lived through famine and dearth

Sad melodies float in my head
Whose songs remind me of friends.
But unlike those who go and leave,
These songs will stay 'till the end...
Songs I pretended to care about.